Portraits of you


Thanks, Hiro & Eskimo

paper arts by Satoshi Shimoguri(GK)

music & video edit by Hiroyuki Shirai

rap & lyrics by Eskimo Pie Head

"Portraits of you" I used to spend my Sunday nights feeling alright

Now they’re black and white like memories from a past life 

On film reels, rewind and watch them just to pass the time 

The saddest scene is when they walk away like passerby’s 

By the bay is where the scene is set, 1235 

City lights cast shadows on her face and where her tears have dried 

She won’t cry no more, she’s no child no more, she’s aged like wine 

So why can’t he do the same no matter how he tries 

See this film starts a thrilling and a joyful ride 

First with simple smiles and always standing side by side 

Only truth between never lies But soon the mood is knots and ties and fights and thats what I didn’t like 

One Sunday in a fit of rage I tear the film to pieces 

Frame by frame I try to come to peace and set my heart at ease I hoped the memories would drift away like cherry blossoms on the breeze but every spring they bloom 

Try to use a flume to channel out the images that loom 

But they hang around like paintings In every corner, every room 

Every wall I look upon Every fabric stamped with her perfume 

She assumed I moved on too but I’m still pasting torn up pieces making portraits of you


  • 1000 / 1000